Why email marketing

  • Awareness – creating preferences and demonstrating your competencies?
  • Increasing awareness to customers and market stakeholders
  • Increasing sales to existing customers
  • Retention, repurchase and loyalty building
  • Sales to new customers (new markets and niece focus)

Using newsletters with email marketing

Know your target group and purpose to make transparent and clearcut content to your audience. One way to go is to use a standard template as to increase recognizability and readability. Another important issue is to no your target groups. This is important as readers only read relevant information and if your audience needs to do a lot of filtering you may loose then. This is the most important quality tag to your newsletter – know your audience !

Newsletters is a growing marketing channel

The great thing about newletters is that your can make targeted information and your communication can those become relevant and present. In that sense you can “work-around” normal issues of non-targeted communication, as in the industrial age, which lead to information overload in the postindustrial age. Lack of trust from non relevant communication can be harnessed with emailmarketing and newsletters.