Google adwords kampagne

Advantages with Google Adwords

  • Create specific ad text
  • Set a maximum budget
  • Set max click price
  • Select language
  • You can limit the geographical view of ad
  • You can define the time your ad should be(relevant eg. By season, event, etc.).
  • You can define the search words
  • Monitor the effect of the announcement

Advantages of Google Adwords over seo:

You can use google adwords immediately without the need to change the content or design of your website. So you can thus create traffic instantly.

Measuring tools:

CTR (Click Through Rate). As an example the CTR rate can be described as “when 7 users clicks out of 100 views”, then you have a CTR of 7%. CTR is therefore the share of those who clicks onto the ad. This kind of performance management is also used in many other advertising medias – so you can therefore to some extent measure across medias. Generally, we say a:

CTR under 1% – is poor

CTR between 2-5% – is good

CTR of 5% – is very good

CTR says only something about the relevans of the ad – but nothing about how relevant they find content on your website.

However searchwords that are highly used will typically have a somewhat lower CTR and you might still have customers in your “business” even if you have a CTR under 1%. Fx. “underwear” is gender determined, but that is not seen in the searchword, so the halfen CTR is “hidden”.

CPC (Cost per. Click)

Google measures CPC in maximum CPC and average CPC. There are often significant difference between maximum and average CPC. The average CPC is your actual click price and will thus be apparent in the CPC average colomn. The greater demand / competition is for your searchword the higher the average CPC click price will be. It may therefore be that you will need to increase your maximum CPC (your maximum willingness to pay for each click) as to get more clicks if there is great competition for your searchword. CPC is the key to success with Google Adwords. The lower the CPC, the more you can get out of its budget. The best way to optimize your campaign is to:

  • write specific text to each ad campaign
  • have specific landing pages that you direct customers/viewers to.
  • specific searchwords

Thus you should divide your words into multiple ad groups instead of just one ad campaign for the entire site. We thus find that you should to make individual texts to searchwords and ad groups. If you have a CTR or conversion rate lower than 2%, then we suggest that you change your ad texts. Thus you should change your ad text, searchwords and textstrings to what works along the way. And what does´nt work should be deleted.

You can also check your traffic on google analytics, but you should remember that Google Analytics shows visits, while Google Adwords displays clicks.